This Indonesian publication is a manual for researchers dealing with Dutch architectural heritage from the VOC and colonial period in the Republic of Indonesia.

In Digging4Data a step-by-step plan is offered to researchers. Digging4Data is the result of intensive cooperation between Dutch and Indonesian institutions: the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, the National Archive of the Netherlands, Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur and Heritage Hands On.

Research into the city center

Digging4Data was developed following the workshop 'Collecting and Connecting: Historical Data for Inner City Development' organized at the end of 2014. After the workshop there was a lot of enthusiasm for researching monumental heritage while not always having the knowledge. Digging4Data publication offers an accessible toolkit that stages the guidelines for a thorough research step by step. Some case studies are also highlighted.

An English version of the publication is also available.


Text: Huib Akihary, Nadia Purwestri and Pauline K. M. van Roosmalen
ISBN: 9789059090507
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License